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Air conditioning repair and diagnostic specialists in York

Air-conditioning systems provide a host of important services within your vehicle, not just cooling the interior but also filtering out pollen, pollutants and bacteria to improve air quality. They help to keep your car cool in summer and your windows clear in winter.

The air-conditioning system repair and diagnostic specialists at Ivinson Autos in York have all the technology and expertise you need to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning working perfectly, all year round.

We have the specialist machinery required to diagnose leaks and re-gas all types of air-conditioning system. We can refill the gas in systems that use older R134A type gas, as well as newer systems using HFO-1234YF gas.

Re-gassing your entire system using the new gas can be expensive, so to ensure you don’t spend more than you need to, we first test for leaks. If possible, we repair these leaks, so we don’t need to re-gas the whole system – keeping the costs down for you.

Our air-conditioning specialists in York can even diagnose electrical component faults, such as sensor problems. We can fit new sensors where required to maintain your system in perfect working order.